Justin Camden's Digital Portfolio


In this co-op queer game, players take on the roles of twin souls/emotions/insert-profound-metaphor-here as they try to approach one another within a "circle of influence". Along the way, they encounter barriers to meeting each other, thus heightening the tension. This game is meant to be an abstract and interpretative experience for both parties involved — it's a reflection on the challenges of staying together within the queer community, even as external forces raise questions of identity and threaten to create discord. It's simultaneously trivial and profound, and everyone who we've shown this game to has given their own interpretation of its identity. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the meditative flow of One.

One was created during the 24-hour Rainbow Game Jam at USC, and has been featured by the LGBTQ+ advocacy group The Lavender Effect at QGCon Local.

I acted in the capacity of designer and programmer on the project, and devised the original concept. One was developed in Unity 5 and programmed in C#.

Developed by: AB Biswas, Justin Camden, Maureen Wang

Download available here.