Justin Camden's Digital Portfolio


Oasis is a world-building project created in cooperation with the USC World-Building Media Lab, the goal of which was to forecast and predict some ways that society might evolve in the face of global climate change, and demonstrate said predictions in a virtual reality visualization. We conducted research into groups likely to be affected by the change in environment, as well and current trends in affected regions, in order to conclude what would be a realistic, yet positive response.


Though we went through multiple possibilities, in the end we decided to visualize a city of climate refugees who had been relocated to develop the Gobi desert after sea levels began to rise. The city in question, Oasis, is shown as we envisioned it a few decades after the incident, using a combination of aquaponics towers and solar energy to sustain itself and provide food and energy to other nearby settlements. For the visualization itself, we created simulation of a hypothetical street corner of the city, and a cast of characters going about their daily lives. As they do, they lay down a heat-map reflecting their mood (either positive or negative) depending on the area of the city they are in and what activities they are performing.

For my part, I participated in the initial research and design the audience interaction system of being able to move around the city and teleport between designated hot-spots to quickly get around. I also had the sole responsibility of implementing the simulation in Unity.